our home

Our current home is another rental. Since we recently moved to another city we have temporarily settled in a two bedroom apartment. I'm loving the modern amenities, such as, central heat and air! Here's a look at the room as they are get decorated.

Our last home was a little place that we were renting and it had and still has a lot of "potential". You know the kinda home I'm talking about... the kind that if you just put in some work, it would be amazing. You see, its a Bungalow built in 1922. And in its heyday, I'm sure it was amazing.However, when we were there, it just had "potential." So we executed a just few projects to uncover some of that potential.


  1. What a great space. Love your custom memo board!

  2. Love your style...all the attention to details!

  3. So Serene! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like I'm on vacation!

  4. Great idea! I am covering my unsightly binders in my office this week!


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