Monday, January 14, 2013

Martha VS The Arc

Good day to you! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I finally gained some ground on this cold I've been battling for a week and a half... thank goodness! It was brutal. I had to break down and visit the doc, who prescribed some wonderful meds... gotta love modern medicine, right!

Anywho, while tending to my bad case of the coughs, I was also contemplating what type of planner I am going use for the year. I literally spent hours on the various blogs looking for inspiration. Of you didn't let me down. Some of you out there are using Filofax, others are using DIY planners (in blogger fashion), and a few are using the new discbound system. The discbound system intrigued me the most, first, because I had never used it before, also it can be completed customized and still look stylish.

Settling on a discbound system, it was time for a trip to my local Staples for a hands-on demonstration. Initially, I was going to purchase the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook but low and behold that is not what I walked out the store with.  Here's the back story... I'm standing in the Martha Stewart aisle, holding the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook in blue, thinking... "This sure is a pretty color but if I tote it around with me its going to get dirty pretty fast. That's not good look. Maybe I should get it in black."  So that's what I did, I picked up the notebook in black for $23.99. Now knowing that I'll be printing most of the pages to add to my notebook, I walk over to pick up an Arc Desktop Punch and a light out of heaven appeared. I thought, "Could it be a replacement for the Martha Stewart notebook?" Why yes, yes it is! Martha was replaced with the M by Staples Arc Leather Notebook in purple. (Did I ever mention purple is my favorite color?) Why did I replace Martha? 
  • Martha = $24 / Arc = $12 on sale
  • Martha = textured cover / Arc = leather
  • Martha = black / Arc = purple

And with further ado, here is my new Arc. I'm so happy I didn't have to go with boring black!

If you were to judge my choice of decor based on my planner you would think that my home is very bright... but nope this pretty much the only place I have a lot of color. My wardrobe doesn't even have this much color. Well, except for the interior of my purse, my blingy phone case, my earbuds, and now my planner are all this divine shade of purple. (Can you hear the pitter-patter of my heart?)

Oh look at that sleek profile... she's a beaut!

I also like the fact that the Arc rings can be upgraded to an 1.5. There's room for growth as the year goes on.

Month tabs and Section Tabs.

When I was putting this planner together, my goal was to create a one stop shop for all the things that I think about in a day. Such as my schedule, to do's, my blog, what I eat, and on and on. Tomorrow I will give you a more in depth look. Stay tuned!

Till next time...



  1. I am using the exact same system for the exact same reason (I love being able to customize!) and so far it has been working GREAT! The initial investment was scary, after using for a little while, I know it's gonna be worth it!

  2. I need a system in my life! This idea look great! The problem is i would loose it or forget about it. xx

  3. Looks good! I've seen those for a while and thought about getting one myself... I just posted about what I'm doing this year - I have a planner for my purse, but I mostly just rely on my homekeeping binder! I can't wait to see a little deeper!


  4. Love the color and certainly the organization...

  5. Purple is my favorite color too! Love this system and look forward to seeing more info.

  6. One of these days I will graduate to a Martha Stewart or a binder for that matter! you have inspired me so much my husband thinks I went bananas!!

  7. It's beauuuuuutiful! I love mine as well. THere are too many things to do with it!!!

  8. Ohh! I love your blog!!
    And I love the organization!



  9. *realizing this is an older post*

    I just picked up my own Martha Steward Diskbound in black, as I had the same train of thought on the blue getting dingy. I didn't even know Staples M had a purple leather- they only had brown. boo! Anyway, I'd love to know what post-it products you have on the inside cover, and have they held up (not fallen off)? Thanks!

  10. I love the bright & colorful calendar pages. Where did you get them? And how has the discbound notebook worked out for you so far this year?

  11. I am DYING to get my hands on a purple Arc! Are they no longer available? IT is my FAVORITE! Love your pages!

  12. Where did you get the printables that you used inside for the calendar pages?

  13. The initial price is scary!
    I was looking for the bigger planner like what I had bought at Target last year for $1. Sadly they aren't selling them this year. With all that I do, I need something bigger.
    I'm going to look into one of these.

    1. Hi Martha... I know that price for all the tools makes it an investment... but mine is still in excellent condition starting the second year. And its just darling to look at it so it makes me want to use it each day. Its been completely worth every penny.


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