Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's Happening In The Office?

A few weeks ago I shared this picture of me and my fearless office assistant, Miss Mya.

You can sort of see that "we" are building something, it just so happens to be a Billy bookcase from IKEA.  (My first time building this bookcase, "we" handled it with ease.) These two pictures marked the first step in "beautifying" our shared office. 

Originally Mr. UC claimed (was banished to) this office because he only had a desktop computer (I didn't want his "collection" anywhere else in the condo). 

He has since acquired a laptop and no longer needs to spend all his time in there, so we decided to share (I have taken over) the space. However, there is still the issue of the "decor". Mr. UC is a sci-fi buff, aka a Trekkie, and this is a shot of one side of the office when he had single occupancy.

Let's take a closer look at those bookcases. *Clears throat* This is not even all of his collection, I mean decor.

This is where the Billy bookcases enter and have made a huge difference already. Well, that combined with condensing his collection.

Let's zoom out a bit on this side of the room. The content of the shelves are in the midst of being organized, but oh what a vast improvement already!

Now let's flip around to the other side of the room. Goodness it a hodge podge of hot mess mixed with ugliness. That's ok though, these types of rooms make great reveals for the afters, right?

I did move the dresser into the room though, I will most likely paint it a different color.

So what's left to do in here? My to-do list, in no particular order:
  1. Additional shelving for two bookcases (4 shelves)
  2. Add doors to bookcases
  3. Add knobs to bookcase doors
  4. New desk... possibly build it
  5. New filing cabinet
  6. Repaint dresser
  7. New curtains, lighter color
  8. Organize paperwork
  9. Organize office supplies
  10. Organize craft supplies
  11. Decorate "exposed" bookcase shelves
  12. Better lighting for the room (There is no overhead lighting)
  13. Extra seating... maybe slipper chair

Better get to work, till next time...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Organizing My Computer Files

January is known as a month that a lot of people focus of getting organized. Personally, I love taking full advantage of the sales on organizational supplies, but I also love no cost organizing too. That being said there is one space you can organize without spending a dime. Do you know what it is? It’s the space on your computer. That's right your desktop and all your computer files.

I don’t know about you but since pretty much everything I do is digital, it’s been easy for my desktop and documents folder to get cluttered and out of hand. Then add to the mix the family and blog photos, the blog videos and the printables I create and you have the perfect storm for a cluttered mess.

I recently took the bull by the horns and uncluttered my desktop. It had gotten quite cluttered from all the files, photos and documents that I download and was actively working on while making my 2015 planner. Now, this is what it looks, as you can see it was 9:17 at night when I took this screenshot. So much more please to my eyes.

Next, it was time to organize the dread Documents Folder. On the left (the before) you can see there were a few files not placed in specific folders. So I deleted the files I no longer needed and created a couple of new folders (highlighted on the right) and organized the out-of-place files.

But the big issue was my Downloads folder... eeeek! There were 154 items in this folder and being a a mixture of photos, fonts, pdf files, and other random things. 

First I tackled the pdf and word documents, purged the unnecessary ones and relocated the rest. After that I renamed the all the photos and saved them in the correct folders.

Finally, I deleted all the files I was keeping for no good reason.

Ah... much better!

After organizing your computer, you may notice that some of your folders are quite large or you may find files that you don't want to lose. For our family its our photos, we have had the terrible misfortune of losing the majority of our digital photos because of a hard drive crash. I have also experienced a loss of blog photos because of a misplaced USB stick. When you lose precious memories like that, you quickly realize the importance of backing up your files.

As you can see below, I have currently 14 GB worth of photos in my Pictures folder, its definitely time to back up and reduce the amount of photos I'm storing on my hard drive.

Mr. UC, being in the Information Technology field, has handled all of our needs related to backing up our data. He has also made things super simple for me, placing an icon on my desktop entitled "IESHA BACKUP HERE." LOL. That man knows make it simple or I probably will not get around to doing it. Can't get any simpler than a click of a button. You may be wondering what happens when I click that button... well all the contents of my Documents folder gets copied to my folder on a 1 terabyte external hard drive.

The cloud is a great option for backing up as well. I use it in addition to the external hard drive for my edited blogging and instagram photos. You can use either as your sole backup option but I've found it helpful to have both options. It ensures that your more important items do not get lost.

Now, what about you? How do you currently organize your files? Do you have a schedule to purge unnecessary files? Do you have a way to back up your files? Why not try following this handy calendar provided to me by Its an easy to follow step-by-step process, allowing you to not get overwhelmed as you get your computer space in tip-top shape. Also, if you are interested in learning more about the cloud and how to use it, check out SingleHop's page about dedicated private clouds.

Till next time...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Planning Ahead For A Healthy Week

Good day ladies and gents! It's Monday... boooooo. Can anyone tell me how in the world Monday came around so fast? My weekend seemed to have gone by in a blur. Oh well, its here so we better make the most of it. Go hard or go home!

The best way for me to make sure I go hard is planning out my week. I try to plan out everything down to the finest detail, whether its doing laundry or writing a blog post. That way, hopefully, nothing gets missed and I ensure I give first place to the more important things.

I normally start my planning with determining what's on the menu for the week.

On Saturday night or Sunday morning, depending upon my schedule, I plan out all the meals and snacks for the week ahead. I used to use cookbooks and occasionally the internet for planning, but since Pinterest has taken over my life I use it almost exclusively. However, I will pull out my cookbooks for recipes that I've already tried.

The overall process takes about an hour to an hour and half. The longest part of the process being coming up with the dinners for the week. Since I do the majority of the cooking and we have different eating habits I try to simplify our menus as much as possible. During the week we enjoy the same meal for breakfast and snacks. For instance I know that I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast and my first snack will be fruit with trail mix. When it comes to lunch time, I also repeat the same meal for my lunch.

You maybe wondering at this point, "Well Iesha, don't you get bored having the same thing everyday?" Here's how I combat boredom: 1. My smoothies don't not have the same fruits in them everyday. 2. The fruit I use for my snacks vary greatly. 3. I change the ingredients in my lunch salad and the dressings I use every few days. Also, personally having a simple menu helps me to stay on track, I never wonder what I'm going to eat. It helps me say no to outside temptations as well.

However, Mr. UC gets bored easily and will not eat his lunch if he repeated too often. So for him, I have a list of 10 meals to choose from and he will "enjoy" three of them twice during the week. Now dinner time is where we both get to have some fun and have our palates tantalized. I love cooking and I "cook" for one of us each night of the week. When Mr. UC is having leftovers I make a raw dinner for myself and when I am having leftovers I make dinner for him.

Now that the meal plan is complete, I can compile my shopping list. I shop every Sunday for most if not all of our food. Occasionally, I will make another trip for fresh veggies during the week.

After I complete our meal plan I move on to planning my workout for the week.

On a day to day basis, I keep track of my health in my smaller planner that I carry with me.

I have a copy of my workout plan.

I also keep a written record of what I eat each day. Its easy to snack and lose track of how many little bites you have. This way if I get tempted I hold myself accountable by writing each little bite down. It also serves as a way to track how food affects my body. If one day my joints are particularly sore I can go back in my food log and pinpoint what may be the cause. I created this page with a water tracker, I have the hardest time drinking enough water during the day now I can mark off each cup I have.

Next I use my 2015 planner and fill in my appointments for the week and we're all set to go hard!

Here are the printables I use to organize my meals and workout for the week. Hopefully you'll find them useful as well.
{click here to download 8.5x11}
{click here to download 5.5x8.5}

{click here to download 8.5x11}
{click here to download 5.5x8.5}

{click here to download 8.5x11}
{click here to download 5.5x8.5}

 {click here to download 8.5x11}
{click here to download 5.5x8.5}

Till next time...

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