Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Fearless Office Assistant

I can't wait to share what's happening in the office... thanks in part to my wonderful assistant.

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Planner... More Free Printables

Hey peeps... I'm back to share more free printables with you from my planner.

I'm still using my Arc Planner from Staples, which I bought in 2013. I just love this planner, it has held up amazingly. Seriously, Mr. UC will confirm that I do not treat my stuff very gingerly. If I purchase an item, I expect it to be able to hold up to the impending beating that I'll inevitably put it through and let me tell you this planner has done just that.

There is one thing I changed on the planner for next year. I found that the 1" discs that come with the planner are just a little too dainty for me. (The picture below shows the original discs.)

I needed something more substantial, something with a little more girth to it. So I changed out the 1" discs for the 1.5" expansion discs, to contain all the papers that I need to include, which is going to be a lot since this is now my desk planner.

Now let's take a look at some of the printables... shall we?

Inside the planner, I have the front divided into five sections (Budget, Blog, Fitness, Meal Plan, and Notes) and behind the sections I have the my 2015 Weekly Planner.

In the Budget sections I have a monthly calendar page where I write bill name and amount due on the corresponding date. On the back of each Monthly Calendar page, I have a Notes page where I breakdown the budget for our "cash envelope" system.

 The nice part about this calendar is, its a perfect match with my 2015 Weekly Planner and you can use it for anything. Also, if you print just the odd pages you will get just a 12 page monthly calendar.

{click here to download)

After those two pages I have my Monthly Budget Page.

{click here to download}

And finally I have my Checkbook Register. I have a page printed for each of our bank accounts and each bank account is labeled with different color washi tape.
{click here to download}

If you would like further detail on how I set up our budget and our bill payment system just let me know. I'm happy to share what works for us.

The last section that I have is my notes sections. I am a list maker and I tend to write down random thoughts, whether its about an idea for the blog or some project that I want to work on, I am always jotting down my thoughts. So I created a notes page and filled this section with a plethora of these pages. Oh annnnd it's also available in 5.5" x 8.5".
{click here to download 8.5 x 11}
{click here to download 5.5 x 8.5}

Its my hope that you are about to put these items to use in your life just as I have.

Till next time...

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Wanna Know A Little More About Me?

Happy Monday to you. I hope that you had a wondeful weekend. My weekend was a relaxing, really didn't get out to much. Oh wait, what am I talking about, we did make a quick trip to IKEA for another Billy bookcase since I am in full organization mode in the office. I'll be sharing that progress with you guys shortly. 

Since this weekend was a lazy one for me, I took that time to update some parts of the blog and have a mini photoshoot. While most of the shots were pretty tamed, I had to get one that shows my goofy side.

Once the shoot was done and pics edited I updated my profile picture and if you click on my picture you will be taken to my "about me" page.

I did take the time to update that page as well. So if you would like to learn just a tab bit more about me and see the men in my life, click on my picture to the right. One more thing, if you are wondering how to pronounce my name, its "eye-eee-shuh" just like its spelled I-e-sha.

Till next time...

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