Thursday, January 2, 2014

The 2014 Planner Has Arrived!!!

Its here!!! Its here!!! Its finally here... I'm talking about my 2014 weekly planner printable! I really wanted to have this post up last week, but... well it didn't happen. So here we are a day or two into the new year and I have it ready for you to download... better late than never right?

Its 130 pages of colorful schedule-organizing bliss. It is setup to be printed double sided after the first page so as to not waste paper. Also, have you ever had a planner that only had enough writing space if you wrote extremely small? Well, I tried to make sure that there was enough space to write even if your handwriting is rather large... aka normal or have a lot to jot down. Each month has a two-page monthly calendar with space notes and important dates.

Following each of the two-page monthly calendars are two-page weekly calendars. There is an area for notes, dinner menu, and shopping list. I wanted to include a designated space for the dinner menu and a shopping list because I found that I was writing them in my actual calendar space.

It is my hope that you are enjoy the weekly planner and are able to put it to good use. I will have another post to show you how I set mine up in my Arc binder, but I wanted to get this post up so you can download and start using the planner ASAP.

{Click HERE to download the 2014 Weekly Planner}

Till next time....

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is It Almost January Already?!?!!

Hey peeps!!!! Man oh man I not even going to get into how much I've missed typing my thoughts to you fine folks. Just know that our lack conversation (even if largely one-sided) has been noticed. I can tell you that even Mr. Uncluttered has been in my ear to return to my little chats with you. So here I am!

What a finer way to return than with a post about organizing for the new year. I've been getting emails asking it I have a calendar for 2014. Here is my 2014 monthly calendar.

Seeing how 2014 is right around the corner now is the time to get the planners prepped for the new year and I have a few printables to keep you organized too. Such as my 2014 weekly calendar, which I am still tweaking. I found that I had to create one because I am looking for certain elements such as daily tasks, menu tracking, and shopping lists to be one the same page so I don't have to look in multiple places if I don't want to. Hopefully by mid next week I'll be ready to share with you.

I also have some brand new printables that I will be sharing with you. One is a menu planning printable. I'm really excited about this one... I'm devising one that tries to take into consideration planning meals for a family that includes member(s) with dietary restrictions. For instance in my house, I'm a vegan and the mister is definitely NOT a vegan, yet I do all the cooking. I had yet to find a menu planner that worked for us. So whether its a medically required or self-imposed restriction I'm hoping this one will work for you too.


Now briefly what been going on with me... Lots have been going on in my world... remember the whole Rheumatoid Arthritis thing. Well, during my quiet time I was trying to gain the upper hand on the symptoms my body was displaying. How did I do that? After much research, back in April 2013 I became a raw vegan. It was my hope that ingesting nothing but whole organic foods would allow my body to detox and repair itself. I can tell you it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do I feel amazing but I shed 45 lbs. I say shed because it literally melted off in a matter of 4.5 months without working out. Not that I'm advocating laziness, but man, other than walking the dog I didn't break a sweat. Of course now I work out... sort of.

I originally thought I was going to blog about the entire process... uh about that... it didn't happen. My journey is far from over but I have learned a lot and I did track the entire journey thus far in a notebook and am willing to share my story with any interested.

Well I'm off to finish some printables... till next time...

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Making My Smile Bright

There are many, many perks to blogging, one of them being able to test new products and share the feedback with my readers. A few weeks ago The WOW Experiment team reached out to me to test the new Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION toothbrush. This is certainly outside the scope of my normal posts but it sounded to me like it would be fun to test it out.

When I received the toothbrush I was so excited to crack open the package and break in the new toothbrush. The first time I used it was truly a WOW experience for me! I've used electric brushes in the past but this one surpassed all the others. There are many features to this brush such as the indicator bristles that reminds you to replace the brush head every three months or once the bristles have faded halfway. But my favorite feature is the pulse every 30 seconds that lets you know to switch quadrants. Then there is another pulse at the end of two minutes that lets you know you've reached the recommended brushing time period.

Now here's my dilemma... when they sent me the toothbrush it was all charged so that I was able to use it right out the box. After a few weeks of using it though, the charge died and I have no way of recharging it because the WOW Experiment Team kept the charger. That's just cruel right! Well now its been about a week and I want my Oral-B Deep Sweep TRIACTION toothbrush back! WOW Experiment Team what do I have to do to get charger?  You name it and I'll do it... just let me use the brush again.

Till next time...

This post was brought to you by The WOW Experiment Team/Oral-B. The opinions are all my own.

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